RPM-110 Epson desktop printer printable synthetic paper

RPM-110 Epson desktop printer printable synthetic paper

Description PP synthetic paper 

Rifo RPM series PP synthetic paper is base of RPH series, and surface coating technology update. It the newest synthetic paper products which are used for Epson and Canon desktop printer ,it has the advantage of warterproof,dustproof,tearproof,wear well,and fast drying.

Paper type RPM-90
Raw material BOPP with single side coating
Printing way

Desktop Inkjet Printer

Synthetic paper density     0.68-0.75

Desktop Inkjet Printer,Epson/Canon etc.

Specific character
1.Good toughness,resist fold,
2.Waterproof,damp proof,good weathering resistance,
3.Reproducible,complete combustion,non-toxic,to avoid two pollution, environment-friendly,
4.Good writing performance,good printable,Ordinary ink printing available,fast drying,needle to use quick drying ink.
5.Good whiteness,good gloss,good light fastness,Good dimensional stability.

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