RPG-80 single PP synthetic paper

RPG-80 single PP synthetic paper

Description PP synthetic paper
Rifo PP synthetic paper is different of popular natural paper,it has the advantage of waterproof,dust proof,tear proof,wear well.While it has advantage good Performance of printing,which can be printed by Ordinary ink.It could be widely used on relief printing, offset printing,rotogravure printing,screen printing, and while gold stamping,die cutting,drilling and folding etc.prepress printing field.

Paper type RPG-80
Raw material BOPP with double side coating
Printing way Offset printing, flexible printing 
Synthetic paper density     0.60-0.81

calling card, self-adhesive tape,poster,photographic paper,for lamp house, eaching wall chart,product catologue, book cover,map,self-adhesive label,can label,In-model label,banner ad.,ziplock bag,inner film of hanging bag,airline baggage label,clothing label, logo bag,joint surface material,release base paper,ink jet coating base paper, gift paper, flower packing paper, electronic material isolation paper, container sealing gasket.

Specific character
1.good toughness,resist fold,
2.Waterproof,damp proof,good weathering resistance,
3.Reproducible,complete combustion,non-toxic´╝îto avoid two pollution, environment-friendly,
4.Good writing performance,good print ability,Ordinary ink printing available,fast drying,needle to use quick drying ink.
5.Good whiteness,good gloss,good light fastness,Good dimensional stability.

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