What are Fan-fold Labels?

What are Fanfold labels I hear you ask. Fan fold labels are like sheets of labels but 
instead of separate sheets they're joined to one another. In fact what they are
really is one long long continuous sheet perforated every few inches so they can 
be folded concertina style into a box. You can stack thousands, in fact tens of 
thousands, into a box.  If you're using direct thermal (sometimes simply called 
thermal) labels, then you don't need to replace ink ribbons in the label printer, so 
you could run your printer for months.
Fan fold labels are slightly more difficult to make, so not every label supplier can 
make them and the range of sizes and materials available off the shelf is limited,
 but have a look at our most popular custom made fanfold labels here.
So - if you print the same labels day after day, month after month, and want 
something you can just forget about, see our fanfold labels here, call or email us 
about custom made fan-fold labels.